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Through different eyes

Someday you won’t believe your eyes: the world has changed.

You’re rebelling, dancing, singing really loud… You’re flirting, making some plans, jumping into things too quickly. So, here you are, with your exact planning and bland movements, humming in kind of a half whisper: you torture yourself with thoughts and think if it is the life you really wanted?

There is sadness and exhaustion, soft power, warm embrace, comfy poses and… love that can fill even flowers…

But you’re not filled yet. You’re slowly losing opportunities, bursting into tears every day.

I would surely say to myself: don’t write, don’t make plans, don’t count, just be yourself and fly…

And I would surely hum to myself: open your eyes! You’ve changed; you’re different, new and strong! And the world around you has become larger.


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